Live to dance, Dance to live.

Holiday hotels have to provide some form of entertainment, that’s a given. Some do it well, some don’t and some are blessed by talent. Whilst in Paphos, Cyprus I was in such a hotel. One particular night the Damon Apartment Hotel heralded ‘Dances From Around the World.’ Now I love dance but I wasn’t expecting… Continue reading

Rosa Parks and Black History Month

October is Black History Month. No better way to participate than to celebrate Rosa Parks contribution. One woman’s defiant act caused a 381 day boycott of the buses and eventually the Supreme Court reversed the law that forced all Black people to sit at the rear of the bus and give up their seats to… Continue reading

Fashion and Window Dressing

Have you noticed how boring provincial shop displays are today? Every day I walk through town and I pass all these shops.  Debenhams – New Look – River Island –  Miss Selfridge– Burton – TopShop – Topman These are their frontages in Beverley. This to me says. ‘Come in if you want, but quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.’ See… Continue reading