Holiday hotels have to provide some form of entertainment, that’s a given. Some do it well, some don’t and some are blessed by talent. Whilst in Paphos, Cyprus I was in such a hotel. One particular night the Damon Apartment Hotel heralded ‘Dances From Around the World.’ Now I love dance but I wasn’t expecting much. To be fair we weren’t staying at Planet Hollywood, and this wasn’t the ‘Vegas The Show!’ But four young ladies were about to surprise me, so from left to right meet Laura, Emily, Kizzy and Lisa.

After the first dance I felt the need for a camera, these were no ordinary girls, this was slick and professional. Initially I was intrigued then dazzled by the routines which were strongly phased to the music, the choreography respected the phrasing (this link is an excellent example of how dance is phased to music) and the girls made full use of it. The costume changes were smooth, adept, unobtrusive and I was impressed when Lisa sang and I recalled how disappointed I had felt with the miming at the Moulin Rouge


When the magic was over I was lucky enough to meet with the girls and overwhelmed by their excitement and shared passion for their dancing. As we chatted I was astounded to find out it was the first time they had performed this routine together, but not surprised when they disclosed that they, “had been in rehearsals all day that day, running numbers and doing dress rehearsals.”


Lisa informed me that they are employed by Top Dog Entertainment, who choreograph, choose the music for the shows and provide the costumes. Laura, Emily, Kizzy and Lisa have fascinating stories in their own right which I intend to write here in series, culminating in a full blown article. (magazine to be announced). A bit like Charlie’s Angels, but with more glamour and no crime 😀

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