It’s funny but when I was a nipper at school they said that potatoes were bad for us and if Walter Raleigh tried to import them today they would be banned. Since then I have been told that salt is bad, but if I don’t eat enough salt I will die. Eggs are baaaad, but on the other hand they are quite good for you, huh? Chocolate is nasty, but there again chocolate does make you happy and so is good for you. Fish and a Chips? Oh my, the scourge of the 70s; if you ate them you would die. Actually they are very good for you, full of carbohydrates and protein. I don’t have the space to list everything that is supposedly bad for you and you wouldn’t thank me.

Sensible people realise that all you need is a balanced diet and that the sensationalists that fill air time and magazine space with all this guff are just that; ‘sensationalists’.

The latest baaaad for you craze is; wait for it…..Tadaa!


Sweet jesus what ever next. Yes dear, dear people Vivian Goldschmidt says milk is bad for you. The website is, if you want a look.

We now have children suffering from rickets because of vitamin deficiencies, but to be fair a lot of that is down to the Sun scarers. They, who in their wisdom told us to keep out of the sun or we will die, gave no thought of how we were going to get our vitamin D.

The truth is a bit of food, drink and sunshine is good for you. Just don’t over do it. Now why couldn’t they just have said that at the beginning. 😉

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