I recently received a letter from the NHS. They informed me that as I am over 50 years old I get a free health check.

‘Coolio’, (I thought) apparently 50 is the new 19. Blood pressure test, urine test, cholestral test, and all that stuff.

A chance to be told that I drink too much red wine, even though it was they who told me it lowered cholestral. A pat on the back for continuing to desist from smoking. Once again inform them about my parents, uncles and aunties and how they slipped their mortal cord.

I wonder, when you’re taking your last gasps at this earthly air do they ask if there is any family history of people passing away in old age?

But, alas it was not to be. Subjected to three minutes with my doctor’s receptionist increased my blood pressure and stress levels to such a degree I had to hang up the phone.

Maybe next year

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